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R.A.W (road, air and water) Detailing and Maintenance

 Whether it’s a car, water vessel or aircraft, this can be one of the biggest investments that you will make and it only makes perfect sense to maintain and keep them as new as possible. This is especially true when it comes to resale value.

Everyday people unknowingly flock to DIY or other carwash and detailing centres only to have their pride and joy sprayed with damaging chemicals, washed with dirty cross contaminated sponges and chamois cloths, then wiped with course rags and other corner cutting equipment.

It may look clean and shiny when you first see it, but the damage is already being done and over time it will be a costly one, with fade spots, swirl marks and other forms of damage.

For nearly thirty years we have carefully and meticulously mastered our process for efficiency and consistent quality assurance made possible with the use of the most biodegradable and caring chemicals available, all tested, proven and hand chosen by our specialists.

We make sure that we leave you with the “new” feeling every time that we hand your pride and joy back.

Over the years we have honed and expanded our expertise in order to broaden our services and value proposition and better care for our customers. Our specialists are trained in all facets of vehicle beautification, detailing, paint care and maintenance. We constantly upgrade our skill sets and we work with only the best; those that share a commitment to excellence and service.

Our “R.A.W” (road, air and water) capabilities include:

  • Wash, detailing and maintenance of the road and industrial vehicles, water vessels and aircraft
  • Interior beautification and maintenance
  • Body paint correction, scratch removal and protection Royal Shield® coatings and treatments
  • Nano Ceramic technology surface treatments and protection using our Royal Shield® coatings and treatments
  • Concourse, competition and exhibition preparation
  • Sale preparation
  • Rejuvenation Service
  • Paint and surface corrections
  • Nano Ceramic technology glass treatments
  • Valet scheduled wash and maintenance
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Industrial and heavy vehicle surface treatments and protection
  • Industrial and heavy vehicle surface treatments and protection
  • Bespoke and custom solutions and services
  • Air conditioning system cleaning and disinfecting

Speak to us about your personal needs and let us tailor a cost-effective bespoke solution.

We look forward to treating you like royalty.

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