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Imagine how you would you feel if you never had to scrub your windows, showers, splashback or large appliances again? What would you do with all that spare time, not to mention the money you would save on those expensive cleaning products?

Our proven applications have been designed to maintain the appearance and protect the surface from most antagonists like pollution, climate, environment and harsh chemicals.

The main benefits of applying our Royal Diamond® coatings to a porous surface is to ensure that it remains clean and clear for long periods of time, up to two years in most cases.

Once applied the ceramic membrane hardens and the surface tension is transformed to remain shiny, slippery and incredibly water resistant.

Our Royal Diamond® range of protective applications are:

  • UV stabilised,
  • Resistant to water spotting,
  • Resistant to hard water etching
  • Resistant to scale and soap scum build up
  • Designed to create a barrier to prevent bacteria and mould build up
  • Designed to last up to two years between applications

Cleaning will now be a 1-minute exercise, no need for scrubbing, rubbing and tennis elbow, just a damp microfiber cloth to remove excessive soiling every so often.

Royal Diamond® can be applied but not limited to:

  • Shower and Shower Screens
  • Splashbacks and tiles
  • Small and large span glass
  • Large appliances
  • Bench tops
  • Facades
  • Pool Fencing
  • Garage Doors

You can contact us so one of our specialists can happily provide you with a tailored cost-effective solution.

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