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Our newly created commercial division is positioned to provide protection and rejuvenation treatments for most porous surfaces and across many sectors.

Our commercially proven applications have been designed to maintain the appearance and protect the surface from most antagonists like pollution, climate, environment and chemicals.

There are many product and service providers that will market themselves very well but fall short when it comes to proving their claims by using inferior, one shoe fits all chemicals and processes. We will inspect every job before committing ourselves in order to provide you the best possible advice and cost-effective solution.

Our Nano technology applications come in various forms in order to make sure that treatment will work in accordance to your requirements.The main benefits

The main benefits with applying our Royal Armour® coatings to a porous surface is to ensure that it remains clean and clear for long periods of time. Once applied the ceramic membrane hardens and the surface tension is transformed to remain shiny, slippery and incredibly water resistant.

Our Royal Armour® range of protective applications are:

  • UV stabilised,
  • Resistant to water spotting,
  • Resistant to hard water etching
  • Resistant to scale build up
  • Designed to create a barrier to prevent bacteria and mould build up
  • Designed to last up to two years between applications*

Post maintenance is a simple process, requiring a damp microfiber cloth or environmentally friendly cleaner to remove excessive soiling. This saves large amounts of money associated with maintenance washing, protects and extends the life of the equipment or surface.

Royal Armour® can be applied but not limited to:

  • Interior and exterior small and large span glass
  • Commercial machinery
  • Commercial heavy vehicles
  • Industrial bench and workspaces
  • External facades
  • Powered outdoor equipment
  • Buses, trains, trams and other passenger vehicles

You can contact us so one of our commercial specialists can happily provide you with a tailored cost-effective solution.

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