Service fit for royalty


Royal Corp is an Australian owned company located in cosmopolitan Melbourne with reach in The United States and New Zealand.

Our company is made up of some of the most skilled specialists in the industry with nearly three decades of practical working knowledge.

Offering broad-spectrum services and solutions to the automotive, marine, aviation, commercial and domestic markets, we are committed to excellence, ethical trade and the best environmental practices available.

Our motivation is to provide the industry with the most advanced and valuable products and services available to maintain the appearance and longevity of their vehicles, yachts, aircraft and properties. As a company, we aim to improve environmental practices, be a supplier and employer of choice and continue to foster mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships globally.

Every product we offer is proudly made in The United States and based on three decades of experience and supported by an ISO 9001 certification. We are continually seeking, testing and researching ways that we can improve our products, reduce any negative impact on the environment and create higher value for our customers and end user.

Every application must pass our strict quality control and training process, ensuring unparalleled quality control every time. There are many inferior products given to the detriment of the customer, that’s why we made it our mission to educate our clients on the importance of choosing the right solution for your specific needs.

We take this care to the next level with our warranty and aftercare process, set up to swiftly provide all the assistance needed in the unlikely case of a warranty claim. We maintain strict records to ensure a robust warranty using our online “Care Portal”.

Our strict approach coupled with three decades of expertise, allows us to offer our most discerning clients the highest possible quality and service.

We go by a philosophy that compels us to carefully treat everything we touch as a work of art and every person as royalty.

That’s our “Royal Treatment” to you.




We are an environmentally aware business. All our practices are focussed on being as sustainable as possible. Our products are biodegradable and our water usage is controlled and efficient.

our responsibility

All of our fantastic  team members are professionally, trained, certified and carefully selected by Royal Services Australia.

When we work with you, we make sure that we adhere to all OH&S procedures as well as environmental procedures. Our commitment to safety and a duty of care is of the utmost importance.

We take great pride in being an equal opportunity employer.