Introducing royal cloak micro - the only long term "true" antimicrobial ceramic

Cloak Micro – The Royal standard in antimicrobial protection.

We live in a new world and for the long term future, protection against harmful bacteria is essential in avoiding viruses.

Cloak Micro patent antimicrobial treatment systems keep your interiors, textiles and hard surfaces protected, long term.

Cloak Micro solves the invisible, difficult problem facing high touch surfaces such as automotive and transport interiors; bacteria. Through years of research and development, Royal has created a suite of persistent, patent pending antimicrobial solutions that actively fight bacteria and microbes.

Research has shown surfaces without treatment pose a potentially serious risk to breeding bacteria and other microbes.

High touch surface treatments include: Door knobs and handles, light switches, buttons, railings, fixed objects, and other areas that are frequently touched, both indoor and outdoor.

Our high touch treatments not only defend against microbes but also create an extremely durable ceramic protective layer that withstands the harshest of environments, protects against stains and marks that may arise through use.

Our high touch ceramic treatment is a unique mix of proprietary antimicrobial and tough resin binders.  Royal’s high touch treatments can be applied to virtually any hard or soft surface, any material, anywhere.

“Cloak Micro is a product that is designed to not only protect your investment, but more importantly, it’s a product that protects you and your loved ones against harmful bacteria and viruses…it’s a product for our times.”

Cloak Micro leverages antimicorbial actives that are EPA registered and FDA food contact safe, and that have been proven to work through independant studies.

New Royal Cloak Micro provides a “broad spectrum” kill, meaning it neutralises:

  • Gram positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Certain viruses
  • Fungi andalgae,
  • Mold, yeast and spores.

In effect, Cloak Micro provides an uninhabitable surface for pathogens to live or grow on.


  • Effective against COVID-19
  • Antimicrobial keeps working touch after touch
  • Patent Pending System
  • Extremely safe for humans
  • Deadly to pathogens
  • Non invasive and invisible
  • Soft and Hard surfaces
  • Interior and exterior use

Also available for domestic interiors. Contact us to book your treatment or for more information.